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Re: cdrtools

On Wed, 09 Aug 2006 15:44:57 +0200
Joerg Schilling <schilling@fokus.fraunhofer.de> wrote:

Stuff deleted for brevity
> > All of this, without even taking into account your brain-dead
> > licensing mix between CDDL and GPL - which are intentionally
> > incompatible licenses, according to Sun guys.
> If you are so braindead not to understand that this license
> combination is perfectly OK, I cannot help you. It seems that I did
> waste already too much time with you. A discussion only makes sense in
> case that the "other side" is able/willing to understand simple
> explanataions...
I have just spent the last half hour reading this thread and nowhere
have I seen you give ANY explanations, simple or complex. You have
simply stood on your hind legs and declared that you are right and
everyone in the Debian group is wrong and evil in their intent or just
plain stupid.

So, can you actuall construct an explanation that does not include all
the inflamitory statements you have assigned to your "opponents" here at

I have been with the Debian group since very early in the project (when
I joined there were about 75 of us) and while I have not agreed with
every decission this group has made over the years. I DO agree that the
decissions have been made in a thoughtful and deliberate manner that
supports the DFSG and our goals for Software Freedom.

Other proponents of Software Freedom don't always agree with us, or us
with them. For me that is part and parcel of the concept of Freedom in a
diverse society.

If you are going to debate, it is more useful for you to provide clear
points of view about the concepts being discussed. All I have seen is
juvenile name calling and useless bile.

Please grow up!



Sometimes known as "the voice of reason" ;-)

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