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Re: Python Transition, Mass Bug fill and NMUs...

Le mer 2 août 2006 11:23, Loïc Minier a écrit :
>  - status of the transition Wiki page: a summary of steps which are
>    in progress (pointer to python transition pseudo-bug, pointers to
>    the list of bugs to be fixed in the mass bug filing, description of
>    the step)

that could have been more clear, but I do have such tools to follow the 
transition, I use[1]. The two rounds of mass bug have been package that 
build public modules and extensions, and then all the other ones (+ 
some missed one at the first stage).

>  - collection of things to do and no to do: this is both intended as
>    a reference of things that we have discussed and decided to be good
>    or wrong, and might help in defining the exact criteria prior to
>    e.g. a mass bug filing; this probably belong to the FAQ on the
>    Wiki

this seems to be quite well documented on the DebianPython/NewPolicy 
pages, buxy added some full examples, and I added some more things 
about cdbs recenlty. The page was also updated for private modules 
before the second mass bug fill.

>  - test suite

that misses, and this is IMHO *the* real thing that sucks here. the rest 
lacked some advertising, but exists.

 [1] http://bugs.debian.org/from:madcoder-python-transition@debian.org
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