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Re: Python Transition, Mass Bug fill and NMUs...

On Wed, Aug 02, 2006, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> Yesterday, a last round of bugs has been filled against packages that 
> may need an upgrade to comply with the recent python policy[1].

 That's great!  We all want python to be python2.4 in etch, thanks for
 your work.

 We already discussed together why it would be nice to announce /
 discuss future mass bug filings to allow peer review (also when
 reporting bugs that were missed by the initial filing).  Here are some
 suggestions of things I think would have improved the Python
 - status of the transition Wiki page: a summary of steps which are in
   progress (pointer to python transition pseudo-bug, pointers to the
   list of bugs to be fixed in the mass bug filing, description of the
 - collection of things to do and no to do: this is both intended as a
   reference of things that we have discussed and decided to be good or
   wrong, and might help in defining the exact criteria prior to e.g. a
   mass bug filing; this probably belong to the FAQ on the Wiki
 - test suite

 I've found some Wiki pages approaching these, such as the
 DebianPythonTODO, DebianPythonFAQ, or the DebianPython/NewPolicy pages,
 but they didn't cover the results of discussions that happened on the
 debian-python@ lists before, during, or after the implementation of the
 python packaging tools.

 It seems to me it's a bit late to do this now, but if people find some
 of the above interesting, I might take some time during my holidays
 (starting friday) for this.

Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org>

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