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Python Transition, Mass Bug fill and NMUs…

Yesterday, a last round of bugs has been filled against packages that 
may need an upgrade to comply with the recent python policy[1].

Some developpers have raised concerns directly to me about the 0-day NMU 
policy warning in that report.

This § has been added because /usr/bin/python beeing python2.4 is a 
release goal, and that migrating packages to that policy indeed helps 
to that. That's a statement for a fact, not a thread. If you don't want 
an NMU, just state it in an answer to the bug, that shows that you are 
aware, but that for some foo or bar reason you want to deal with that 
bug with a later upload. this is *OK*.

So, dear developpers: if you don't want to be NMUed, just say it. If you 
don't want to be NMUed just for that, but want your next upload to deal 
with the python policy, and that you don't know how to handle that new 
policy correctly, just tag your bug + help, I do follow those bugs, and 
I've already prepared and sent (or am currently preparing) patches for 
those who already asked for some. If you want help, but already have a 
preference between python-support/python-central please state it also, 
so that the patch do follow your choice, else the one that helps will 
choose for you (if one or the other helper is indeed needed).

So, dear NMUers: *DO* respect the wish of maintainers that ask not 
beeing NMUed. If you really feel a maintainer just procrastinates, 
sending a 'NMU patch' on the bug is OK though. If a bug is tagged + 
help, please do only send the patch, except if the maintainer 
explicitely allowed NMUs.

That way this messy transition will be able to come to an end, 

Thanks for caring.

 [1] yes I know this was not re-announced, but it was obvious to me that
     the repeated announces (at least 2 or 3 mails on d-d-a@) about the
     python transition were sufficient. that plus the fact that the bugs
     are /important/ and not RC (some may become, for packages that B-D
     upon python2.3 where they should on python-dev, but we are not here
     yet, and /that/ will be announced and coordinated with the RM
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