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Re: Why does Ubuntu have all the ideas?

On 7/28/06, Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org> wrote:
Le vendredi 28 juillet 2006 à 18:53 -0300, Gustavo Franco a écrit :
> Let us calm down and think twice before replying, please.
> Btw, it happened with a co-worker yesterday, i asked him to open a
> bug. I think you could check for the report or open the bug Joss.
> Hopefully Marco or somebody else is working on a better solution.

See the bug #366665, which has been closed without being actually fixed.

The better solution is known: it implies being able to install several
udev versions together. Now *that* would be a great innovation. However
it requires a lot of work and no one seems to be interested enough to
spend the necessary time - including the maintainer himself, criticizing
the lack of innovation in Debian.

Joss, please let us focus on solve the problem than keep hurt the
project with this. I disagree with Marco lack of innovation message,
but it makes no sense review every bug on "his" packages. That's what
is wrong with us. Marco has no packages, he has work, contributions
and some more. We will be responsible for Etch, at least i will feel
this way.

We don't have a sane way to "put the file there" (trigger the upgrade
process) if the user is upgrading? You know, through some dpkg compare
versions magic and in the worst scenario asking for user input through

-- stratus

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