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Re: Why does Ubuntu have all the ideas?

Le vendredi 28 juillet 2006 à 18:53 -0300, Gustavo Franco a écrit :
> Let us calm down and think twice before replying, please.
> Btw, it happened with a co-worker yesterday, i asked him to open a
> bug. I think you could check for the report or open the bug Joss.
> Hopefully Marco or somebody else is working on a better solution.

See the bug #366665, which has been closed without being actually fixed.

The better solution is known: it implies being able to install several
udev versions together. Now *that* would be a great innovation. However
it requires a lot of work and no one seems to be interested enough to
spend the necessary time - including the maintainer himself, criticizing
the lack of innovation in Debian.
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