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Re: how to deal with packages depending on mysql-server

* Bastian Venthur <expires-2007@venthur.de> [2006-07-25 10:12]:

> I recently stumbled upon a bug (#379561) in wordpress. Wordpress depends
> on a mysql-server installed in order to run, but the Debian package
> wordpress does not.
> I filled a bugreport and the answer was that some users might want to
> connect wordpress to a remote mysql-server so the local mysql-server is
> not really needed. Although I really doubt that this is the standard
> use-case for the vast majority of our users and we should support this
> by default, I understand the problem.
> On the other side, not depending on mysql-server leaves the user with a
> not working installation of wordpress. Furthermore after the user
> eventually fixed the problem by installing mysql-server it leaves the
> problem that the mysql-server is not automatically removed on removal of
> wordpress.
> Since wordpress is not the only package depending on mysql-server, I'd
> like to ask how other developers dealt with this problem?
> My proposal to satisfy both use-cases was, to provide two versions of
> wordpress:
> (1) wordpress -- depends on mysql-server
> (2) wordpress-remotesql -- does not
> the solution was rejected by the maintainer (and the bug marked as minor
> and wontfix BTW).
> What is the preferred solution for this kind of problem?

Wordpress already suggests virtual-mysql-server which is imo sufficient.
There might be arguments to raise this to recommends however I don't see
the need for 2 packages. It might make sense to mention the mysql server
requirement in README.Debian.

yours Martin
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