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how to deal with packages depending on mysql-server

Hi DDs,

I recently stumbled upon a bug (#379561) in wordpress. Wordpress depends
on a mysql-server installed in order to run, but the Debian package
wordpress does not.

I filled a bugreport and the answer was that some users might want to
connect wordpress to a remote mysql-server so the local mysql-server is
not really needed. Although I really doubt that this is the standard
use-case for the vast majority of our users and we should support this
by default, I understand the problem.

On the other side, not depending on mysql-server leaves the user with a
not working installation of wordpress. Furthermore after the user
eventually fixed the problem by installing mysql-server it leaves the
problem that the mysql-server is not automatically removed on removal of

Since wordpress is not the only package depending on mysql-server, I'd
like to ask how other developers dealt with this problem?

My proposal to satisfy both use-cases was, to provide two versions of
(1) wordpress -- depends on mysql-server
(2) wordpress-remotesql -- does not

the solution was rejected by the maintainer (and the bug marked as minor
and wontfix BTW).

What is the preferred solution for this kind of problem?

Best regards,


Bastian Venthur

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