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Re: Mail rejection on size

Frans Pop wrote:
On Tuesday 11 July 2006 00:24, Don Armstrong wrote:
At least for the BTS, those messages are not discarded; they're just
separated out and processing on them is halted. Blars spends a lot of
time looking at "borderline" messages to put back in non-spam into the
queue, and catches most of them.

There _are_ messages that are silently discarded though: those with a size that is bigger than the limit, often because of attachments. We sometimes miss valid mails to d-boot because of that (with installation logs attached). The main problem there IMO is that the sender gets no indication that anything has gone wrong.

Also frustrating is the situation were an installation report (BR against installation-reports) is accepted into the BTS, but rejected by the mailservers, which means that we never get to see the report (at least not in a timely manner)...

Out of curiosity, what is the limit? I know that the weekly RC bug status emails are relatively large and those go out without a problem. Or is that because they go out via dda (which may use some mechanism other than size)?


Roberto C. Sanchez

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