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Re: greylisting on debian.org?

On Mon, 10 Jul 2006, Marco d'Itri wrote:
> On Jul 10, Thomas Bushnell BSG <tb@becket.net> wrote:
> > I am concerned that you not use a spam-defeating technique which
> > blocks perfectly legitimate and standards-compliant email.
> Then why you are not loudly complaining about the antispam software
> currently applied to our mail lists and BTS, which silently discards
> mail that appears to be spam?

At least for the BTS, those messages are not discarded; they're just
separated out and processing on them is halted. Blars spends a lot of
time looking at "borderline" messages to put back in non-spam into the
queue, and catches most of them.

Don Armstrong

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 For those who do not, none is possible."

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