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Re: cgiirc Hijacking

On Tue, 2006-06-20 at 13:18 -0300, Margarita Manterola wrote:
> Who told you that the sarge fix would propagate?
> Packages don't *propagate* from stable.  If you want a package that
> was uploaded to stable to go to unstable, an upload is needed.  You
> should have asked for a sponsor.

Well, at least this used to work in the past. If the version in stable
was greater than that in unstable or testing, that version would also
propagate there. This is not only convenient for security updates to
packages with the same version in stable as in unstable, but also makes
sure the condition stable >= testing >= unstable remains valid.

Appearently this didn't happen here, but as far as I understand it,
that's a bug.


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