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cgiirc Hijacking


	I've seen cgiirc[1] in a bad state for some time now, I tried to contact
the maintainer (Mario Holbe) more than a month ago, offering my help and
my work[2]. No answer so far.

	This is a sponsored uploaded package that only had 1 upload, and had a
DSA[3] issued which is still not fixed outside of sarge.

	Several upstream versions have passed unnoticed.

	It has been removed from testing and it would be a shame to ship
without it, since it's just a maintenance problem.

	I currently use[4] and maintain[5] this package and think that if for
whatever reason the actual maintainer can't keep it in good shape my
work could very well be useful for many other debian users. Therefore
my intention to hijack this package.

	I currently have a developer willing to sponsor my work on this
package, we'll be uploading tonight after the daily dak run if there is
no further news on/from Mario. The urgency is mostly for the security

		Damián Viano(Des).

[1] http://packages.qa.debian.org/cgiirc 
[2] http://damianv.com.ar/debian/cgiirc 
[3] http://www.debian.org/security/2006/dsa-1052
[4] http://irc.lug.fi.uba.ar/
[5] http://damianv.com.ar/cgi-bin/packages.cgi

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