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Re: cgiirc Hijacking

On 6/20/06, Elrond <elrond+debian.org@samba-tng.org> wrote:
On Mon, Jun 19, 2006 at 07:02:50PM -0300, Damián Viano wrote:
>       I've seen cgiirc[1] in a bad state for some time now, I tried to contact
> the maintainer (Mario Holbe) more than a month ago, offering my help and
> my work[2]. No answer so far.
Mario and I were busy. And I was trying to update the packaging.
Our sponsor is on vacation, we planned to upload when he will return.

In cases where a security bug is being fixed, you usually try to
upload the package as soon as possible.  If your sponsor is on
vacation, you should find another sponsor.  If you have trouble
preparing the package, then ask for help... But not let the bug sit
unfixed for more than a month.

>       This is a sponsored uploaded package that only had 1 upload, and had a
> DSA[3] issued which is still not fixed outside of sarge.
We made that DSA happen.
And we were told more than once, that the sarge fix would
propagate to unstable und ultimately testing. This did not
happen. Not our fault.

Who told you that the sarge fix would propagate?

Packages don't *propagate* from stable.  If you want a package that
was uploaded to stable to go to unstable, an upload is needed.  You
should have asked for a sponsor.


This is my personal opinion, but I know that other people share it: it
would be really nice if you could use your real name in what regards
to Debian communication.  Nicknames are accepted on IRC, but when
dealing with packages, bugs, and similiar stuff, we all stick to our
real names.


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