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Re: Netatalk and SSL

Martijn van Oosterhout schrieb:
>> The /dev/random issue is one of the issues, yes. One other is that
>> GnuTLS seems to fail if used twice inside the same address space, such
>> as receiving messages via SMTP over TLS and doing lookups via ldaps if
>> both exim and libldap are linked against the same gnutls libs.
> Odd. The gnutls library is versioned (on debian anyway) to prevent
> that being a problem. Do you have a reference? Maybe someone forgot to
> enable thread safety for libgcrypt.


It only works if exim and libldap2 are linked against *different*
versions of libgnutls. Marc closed the bug because for some time exim4
was compiled against libgnutls12 whereas libldap2 still used
libgnutls11. Now that they are both again linked against the same
version I fear the problem will appear again.


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