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Bug#374455: RFH: webalizer-stonesteps -- Web server log file analysis program

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I request assistance with maintaining the webalizer-stonesteps package.

The package description is:
 Stone Steps Webalizer is a command line application for web server log file
 analysis based on the version 2.01-10 of the original Webalizer.
 The Webalizer is a web server log analysis program. It is designed to scan
 web server log files in various formats and produce usage statistics in
 HTML format for viewing through a browser.
 The Webalizer produces yearly, monthly, daily and hourly statistics. In the
 monthly reports, various statistics may be produced to show overall usage,
 usage by day and hour, usage by visiting sites, URLs, user agents
 (browsers), referrers and country. The Webalizer is highly configurable by
 use of either command line options or a configuration file, allowing the
 program to be tailored to individual needs easily.
 The original Webalizer is available via the "webalizer" Debian package.
 Use that one if you want to get up and running fast: the webalizer package
 has a nice and easy to use debconf configuration interface.
 Another webalizer fork is (being) packaged as the "awffull" package
 (ITP Bug #356724).
 Webalizer has no support for "Query String Analysis" (interpreting
 JSP/PHP/Perl in HTTP requests); stonesteps-webalizer has (awffull has not).
 stonesteps-webalizer has support for guessing the "visit length", webalizer
 has not.
  Homepage: http://www.stonesteps.ca/projects/webalizer/

This package currently is available from the "experimental"

The original webalizer uses GNU Autotools as its build-system.  This
version however only ships a Makefile.  Luckily, upstream is very
responsive and cooperative, so portability- and other bugs in the
Makefile are fixed upstream quickly, after sending a patch to their

The webalizer package has a very nice debconf interface.  I'd like this
to be available for webalizer-stonesteps too.  However, I really don't
have the time for that.

The package is maintained using SVN on Alioth, in collab-maint.  You can
view current status via

If someone is willing to invest some time in this package, it could get
shipped with etch.  For now, I don't feel I can guarantee sufficient
quality for that (that's why it's in experimental still).




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