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Re: Netatalk and SSL

su, 2006-06-18 kello 01:33 -0400, Daniel Dickinson kirjoitti:
> Ok, I'm confused.  In the netatalk README.Debian it says that the
> Debian project has decided that OpenSSL is GPL-incompatible and
> therefore he can't distribute the ssl-based portions of netatalk (like
> encrypted authentication with classic macs).  I was pretty sure that
> debian had worked something out for linking OpenSSL with debian
> package.  Was it only for specific packages?  Is this developer just
> not aware of the accommodation?  Am I totally out to lunch on what's
> going on with this?

The OpenSSL license is incompatible with the GPL. A GPL application
needs an addition to its license that allows linking with OpenSSL. Some
application authors do that and then Debian (or anyone) can distribute
the apps (in a binary form); some don't, or haven't yet, and those apps
Debian doesn't distribute.

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