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Re: [Debconf-discuss] list of valid documents for KSPs

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:

>         I guess You can't read.  I have never stated that I know it is
>  a forgery:  I can't since I do not have that data. I have stated I
>  have absolutely no trust path to the identity proclaimed, so I am
>  going to treat it as though it were; since there is, in my opinion,
>  already an act of bad faith in play since someone is trying to trick
>  people into signing keys based on a identification paper from less
>  than trusted sources.

Whether a source is trusted depends on the truster.  An ID might be an
excellent trusted path for one person and not for another.  For
example, my University of California ID.  Indeed, I might sign a
photograph affidavit of identity for a friend of mine.  People who
know me and know my signature would accept that as ID for the friend;
people who do not know me or do not know my signature should not
accept that as ID.

It is you that do not trust a Transnational Republic ID, and with good
reason.  You shouldn't trust it, and neither should or would I.  But
that does *not* mean that anyone who presents it is trying to trick

>> Why do you keep claiming that he did deliberately change things on
>> this Transnational Republic ID card?
>         Where did I make this claim? I know english is not your first
>  language, but you know, these idiotic accusations are getting rather
>  shrill.

You claim that there was forgery.  Or at least, you were claiming that.

>         No, giving me Bubba's ID cards and putting the burden of proof
>  on me does not absolve the evil doer from the fact that an attempt to
>  trick people was in play.

What was the trick?  Exactly, please.  What fact were people being
tricked into believing?


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