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Re: Mass bug filing: failure to use invoke-rc.d when required

Brian M. Carlson writes ("Re: Mass bug filing: failure to use invoke-rc.d when required"):
> But seriously, if violating Debian Policy has no consequences, then it
> probably won't be followed.  As it stands now, Policy is useless because
> the worst that can happen is an important bug, which can be safely
> ignored almost forever.

This is a ridiculous argument!  We have to assume that the maintainer
of a package is trying to produce a good package, in which case we can
expect them to pay attention to bugs.

If the maintainer is trying to do something else then they should be
got rid of; if they're just wrong and ther issue is important enough,
they should be overruled.  We've got mechanisms for both of these (TC
for overruling a developer and even for hostile package takeover; DAMs
for expulsion if the developer truly does more harm than good).


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