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Re: Mass bug filing: failure to use invoke-rc.d when required

ti, 2006-05-16 kello 09:53 +0200, Bas Zoetekouw kirjoitti:
> Hi Lars!
> You wrote:
> > > The usage is mendantory (aka a must clause) but the bugs are not RC?
> > > This does not fit.
> > 
> > It violates policy, but not in a way enumerated on
> > http://release.debian.org/etch_rc_policy.txt, which means that it isn't
> > release critical, unless I've misunderstood something.
> AFAIK, vilolating policy always waarent a serious bug:
> | serious
> |    is a severe violation of Debian policy (roughly, it violates a
> |    "must" or "required" directive), or, in the package maintainer's
> |    opinion, makes the package unsuitable for release.
> [http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Developer#severities]

This is not what Steve Langasek tells me (or else I'm seriously
misunderstanding). The etch_rc_policy.txt document is what documents
what is release critical.

As an example (mine, not Steve's), policy mandates that a package must
remove its log files when it is purged. Some packages do not. In most
cases, this doesn't actually break anything, or reveal any secrets or
have other catastrophic problems. The policy mandates it so that all
packages do things in the same way, which makes life simpler for system

It would, however, be silly to either delay the release for such a
problem, or to remove a perfectly usable package just because it doesn't
remove log files when the package is purged.

Talk is cheap. Whining is actually free.

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