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Re: About MIA maintainers

[Cross-posted to debian-devel in hopes of getting this discussion out of
-private; please follow up there.]

Tapio Lehtonen wrote:

> What about encouraging maintainers to appoint a substitute maintainer?
> This does not apply to group maintained packages and I am open to
> suggestions what to call the second in charge, not necessarily
> substitute maintainer. 
> Appointing a substitute would not take lots of effort in
> infrastucture, just a way to find who the substitute is when the
> primary maintainer is temporarily unable to maintain. 

Easy enough, just put the substitute in the Uploaders field.  I suppose
someone who didn't want to go to the effort of finding a good substitute
might list a random developer there without informing the other
developer.  But I imagine this behavior would be frowned upon :-)

> The responsibilities of primary and substitute are to keep the
> substitute informed of the state of the package so he/she can do the
> substitute work when needed.

This seems like a good compromise to me that wouldn't be overkill in the
case of small packages.  One can even imagine having the "substitute" be
a list like debian-desktop@lists.d.o for random little applets, etc.

> Nothing private in this e-mail.

Nor (obviously) mine.

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