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Re: Sun Java available from non-free

Adam Warner <lists@consulting.net.nz>
>    license agreement; and (f) you agree to defend and indemnify Sun
>    and its licensors from and against any damages, costs, liabilities,
>    settlement amounts and/or expenses (including attorneys' fees)
>    incurred in connection with any claim, lawsuit or action by any
>    third party that arises or results from (i) the use or distribution
>    of your Operating System, or any part thereof, in any manner, or
>    (ii) your use or distribution of the Software in violation of the
>    terms of this Agreement or applicable law.  You shall not be
>    obligated under Section 2(f)(i) if such claim would not have
>    occurred but for a modification made to your Operating System by
>    someone not under your direction or control, and you were in
>    compliance with all other terms of this Agreement.
> When did we decide, as a community, to defend and indemnify Sun for the
> community's mistakes in packaging Sun's implementation of Java the
> language and platform?

Actually, it looks worse than that to me: "your Operating System, or any
part thereof" - That is all the parts, not just the Sun Java packages,
but stuff like GNU tools and Linux, so long as they weren't modified
after our Operating System distribution.

I'm not sure whoever drafted DLJ really understood what a distribution
is - software packaged in a handy ready-to-eat format.  We didn't write
the whole Operating System.

> Distributor License for Java version 1.1 licensed packages should be
> removed from non-free immediately. Then the normal process for inclusion
> of packages into the archive can begin.


(Disclosure: I used to help hack Java code (badly) but I don't
mirror, support or use non-free, so my interest is limited.)

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