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Re: Bug#364652: ITP: squid3 -- Internet Object Cache (WWW proxy cache) version 3

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Il giorno 26/apr/06, alle ore 15:25, Joerg Jaspert ha scritto:
experimental is autobuild, thats no reason to not use it.
And you dont break the existing squid package in unstable/testing with
an upload to exp.

I think I wasn't clear when I explained my plan. I apologise, but english is not my first language. The new squid3 source and packages can

a) conflict with existing squid packages to semplify transition in the future, or b) not conflict with existing squid packages and allow for same time installation, helping testing of new features on already installed squid boxes.

Both ways the squid 2.5 packages are not 'broken' by this new upload. Those who want to keep using squid 2.5 can do it without any issue.

Since upstream (Rob Collins) asked for packages that can be installed alongside of existing squid packages, I'm planning to do it. In addition since I don't think squid 3.0 is so far from being usable I start to think that those package should go into testing and etch, with the proper warnings about 'beta' software.


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