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Re: Bug#364652: ITP: squid3 -- Internet Object Cache (WWW proxy cache) version 3

Luigi Gangitano wrote on 25/04/2006 01:32:
> So I'm packaging Squid-3.0 from new sources (using CDBS for the first  
> time, great!). The resulting packages will be named 'squid3, squid3- 
> common, squid3-client, squid3-cgi' and will conflict with the  
> existing squid packages. 

Why do you conflict? Would squid3 require such big changes to make it
installable side-by-side with the squid 2.5 packages? Wouldn't it make
sense to allow as many people as possible to test it with their
production squid (2.5) still available?
Note that I do realize that you would need to revert any such changes
once squid3 becomes stable (and a possible upgrade from 2.5). I'm just
wondering wether the changes were so big that this is infeasible.


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