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Re: Bug#364652: ITP: squid3 -- Internet Object Cache (WWW proxy cache) version 3

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Il giorno 24/apr/06, alle ore 21:54, Stephen Gran ha scritto:
This is the new development version, totally rewritten in C++ with the
 latest features like ICAP added.

Is a new source package really needed?  Is there no sensible upgrade
path?  I had sort of hoped it could be as drop in and go as most
upgrades are, but perhaps not.

I think I need to clarify my plans on this.

Squid-2.5 is the stable release, and will not get new features any more (actually it didn't get new features in the last 2 years). Squid-3.0 is where eveolution happens, but is considered experimental upstream. Probably there will be no 'stable' release of Squid-3.0 in the next six months (and with the current plans will not get the October freeze for etch).

In the meantime it whould be useful for Debian and the squid development team to see how Squid-3.0 behaves on different situations and different architectures.

So I'm packaging Squid-3.0 from new sources (using CDBS for the first time, great!). The resulting packages will be named 'squid3, squid3- common, squid3-client, squid3-cgi' and will conflict with the existing squid packages. I'm also thinking of keeping this packages out of testing to avoid releasing etch with experimental software.

When Squid-3.0 will be released as stable, the new packages will become the 'squid' package and upgrade will be guaranteed.


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