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Re: Bug#364652: ITP: squid3 -- Internet Object Cache (WWW proxy cache) version 3

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Il giorno 25/apr/06, alle ore 13:57, Sven Mueller ha scritto:

Luigi Gangitano wrote on 25/04/2006 01:32:
So I'm packaging Squid-3.0 from new sources (using CDBS for the first
time, great!). The resulting packages will be named 'squid3, squid3-
common, squid3-client, squid3-cgi' and will conflict with the
existing squid packages.

Why do you conflict? Would squid3 require such big changes to make it
installable side-by-side with the squid 2.5 packages? Wouldn't it make
sense to allow as many people as possible to test it with their
production squid (2.5) still available?

Whould you really use your production machine to test some experimental software?

Note that I do realize that you would need to revert any such changes
once squid3 becomes stable (and a possible upgrade from 2.5). I'm just
wondering wether the changes were so big that this is infeasible.

Changes are not that big. But since squid 2.5 would still be available and reverting to it is a simple 'uninstall squid3 and reinstall squid' operation that doesn't impact configuration files and the caches, I don't see why it's needed to keep them separated.


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