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Re: Philipp Matthias Hahn <pmhahn@debian.org> MIA?


On Wed, Apr 19, 2006 at 02:57:14PM +0200, Christoph Berg wrote:
> Philipp, are you around? xosd as a (fairly new) RC bug, do you think
> you'll be able to address that in the near future?

Yes, I'm still around, but I'm currently busy with other things.
Regarding xosd: I'm not the main upstream developer too, which is why I
haven't uploaded any new version recently, because I'd like to make some
changes first.
As of why I haven't uploaded any new packages: I consider most bugs as
minor and I didn't want to waste my time while other major transitions are
in progress.
I hope for next weekend.

Philipp Matthias Hahn <pmhahn@debian.org>
 GPG/PGP: 9A540E39 @ keyrings.debian.org

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