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Bug#364848: general: please have package short descriptions say what the package REALLY does

reassign 364848 ndiswrapper
retitle 364848 please provide better short discriptions for ndiswrapper
severity 364848 minor

On Tue, 25 Apr 2006, gambarimasu+reportbug@gmail.com wrote:
> i think it will help to require short descriptions to make sense to
> anybody who knows only about the most widely used terms.
> often new packages are added like the following. i do not mean to
> pick on ndiswrapper at all; it was just the most recent example.
> this bug applies to normal packages and not just kernel modules.
> please note that few users will know what "ndis" is.

When you run across packages like this, please files bugs against the
package with a better short description so the maintainer can fix
them. Also, be aware that short descriptions are by their very nature
short, so they must necessarily omit information.

Don Armstrong

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