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Re: Installation is FANTASTIC!!!

Adrian von Bidder wrote:
> On Wednesday 19 April 2006 10:37, you wrote:
>> The stable version installed so easily and well I just
>> couldn't believe it.  It is now far easier to install Debian than
>> Windows XP - yes - really.  And I'm not a regular Linux user.

Agreed. Tho I had to use the Etch installer on a Dell machine, until it
"behaved" - like reported at

> What praise.  Thank you very much!

You're welcome (for my part of the praise, of course). If the installer
is actually nicer than the one of Windows, bringing all the needed
hardware/network/whatever drivers, the praise is in my opinion

And for those who still are complaining about the installer not being
graphical: please, guys, there's more than your x86 machines. Keep that
in mind. And where is the difference between a mouse click and a return
key (yes, it's - mostly - that easy!)?

> <Stealth> How do I bind a computer to an NIS server?
> <Joey> Use a rope?
> 	-- Seen on #Debian

That was a good one! Was it Joey H. or Joey S.? Anyway: thanks for
sharing this with us :-)

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