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Re: Installation is FANTASTIC!!!

Scripsit Wolfgang Lonien <wolfgang@lonien.de>

> And for those who still are complaining about the installer not being
> graphical: please, guys, there's more than your x86 machines. Keep that
> in mind. And where is the difference between a mouse click and a return
> key (yes, it's - mostly - that easy!)?

I don't care much for mouse clicks, but "80x25 characters and a 8-bit
font" is a very low common denominator for the amount of text one can
show on the screen when selecting packages or answering complex
debconf questions. The 8-bit-ness of the font is not a problem for
people installing in English, but being able to see more lines at a
time should benefit everybody who want or need more control than just
accepting all of the defaults.

Henning Makholm                     "The practical reason for continuing our
                                  system is the same as the practical reason
                          for continuing anything: It works satisfactorily."

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