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Re: So we got caught, so what? But we did the right thing.

On Tue, 2006-04-18 at 22:11 -0700, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
> Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> writes:
> >> Still, regardless of whether the state of Utah recognizes a marriage,
> >> that is surely a different question from whether the marriage has, in
> >> fact, occurred.
> >
> > Making that distinction is, IMO, cracking open a very large barrel
> > of very nasty monkeys.
> Not really.  Suppose we have two seventeen-year-olds, whose parents
> are opposed to their marriage.  In Utah, you can only get married
> without parental consent if you are eighteen.  But these happy folks
> of seventeen are in Mississippi, where their marriage is legal even
> without parental consent.  

Suppose Mississippi allows bigamy...

Or, more in keeping with the traditions of the region (remember
Jerry Lee Louis?), drops the age of consent to 12, and a 35yo man
marries a 12yo girl.

    The practice of forcing girls into marriage took hold decades
    ago throughout sub-Saharan Africa and is especially widespread
    in countries there with large Muslim populations. 
    The marriages typically occur within clans, the girl compelled 
    to wed a distant relative—often two or three times he

Is a man with a child bride who immigrate from Ivory still legally
married in the US?

> Then, they move to Utah, and enroll in BYU.  Would BYU say "ah, in
> Utah, you cannot be married until you are eighteen, so, sorry, no, you
> are expelled"?!  Of course not.  BYU would say, "While you cannot
> marry in Utah at your age, you can in Mississippi, and you did, and
> God bless, you are married."
> So the rule BYU would invoke would not be "we only recognize marriages
> that would be legal under the laws of Utah".  The rule would be "we
> recognize different-sex marriages no matter where performed, provided
> they are legal under the local laws where performed, and same sex
> marriages, never, no matter what."

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson, LA USA

"The warning message we sent the Russians was a calculated
ambiguity that would be clearly understood."
Alexander Haig

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