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Re: So we got caught, so what? But we did the right thing.

Eldon Koyle <ekoyle@gmail.com> writes:

> On  Apr 18 20:27-0700, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
>> So, if a married same-sex couple were students at BYU, that would be
>> fine?
> BYU is a private, religious school.  The church which runs it will never
> acknowledge a same-sex couple as married.  Also, most states do not
> recognize same-sex marriages in the first place.  In the belief system
> of this religion, said marriages cannot make sense.

As I said, the BYU honor code is enforced strictly against gay
students, and laxly agaist others.  There is ample evidence of this.

Moreover, pointing to the reason for BYU's bigotry does not somehow
turn them into a non-bigoted instutitution.  Their bigotry is bigotry
whatever label they give it.

My point is that the honor code is *not* equitable, and is not
enforced equitably.  The honor code prohibits gay people from even
holding hands, while allowing suitably private heterosexual
equivalents.  And (as you happily note) the institution "does not
recognize" certain married couples.  Once, it refused to recognize
interracial marriages.  Now it refuses to recognize same-sex couples.

But BYU does not decide who is married.  If a same-sex couple is
married, and BYU does not "recognize" them (whatever that means), this
is *exactly* what one means by saying they have anti-gay bigotry and
bias, and that they do *not* treat gay and straight people equally.

Your deliciously deceptive statement, that heck, *all* extramarital
sex is frowned upon, but marital sex is fine, is not, in fact, right.
In the eyes of BYU, some marriages are more equal than others.


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