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Re: Upload getting lost

On 14 Apr 2006, Florian Weimer spake thusly:

> * Manoj Srivastava:
>> Not quite correct.  Policy has the job of docmenting what is
>> technically correct, and selecting one of a number of equally
>> viable technical options where numerous possibilities exist.  The
>> primary purpose of policy is to ensure that diverse packages under
>> different maintainers can be seamlessly integrated.
> But the current specification has failed us in this regard.  It
> seems that every developer who reads the version specification in
> the policy interprets it differently.  We have at least four
> slightly different version comparison algorithms in the archive.

        The version specification seems pretty precise to me.  I am
 surprised that implementations of such strong specifications would
 vary quite so much, perhaps some more experienced coder can have a
 look and fix the bugs in the implementations you mention?

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