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Re: GPG signing of debian packages

davidek@ipnp.troja.mff.cuni.cz wrote:
> Dear experts,
>    I am trying to build my own debian packages with GPG signature. I set 
> up gnupg, ran gpg and gpg --gen-key and also filled the variable 
> default-key with my generated keyID in ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf. I thought that 
> this is all I have to do, since Debian Maintainer's guide claims that
>          dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
> needs as the input the secret passhprase (twice). I expected I 
> would be asked for the passphrase, but it's not the case. 

I think question has been answered already, just a tidbit:

- I personally always run dpkg-buildpackage with -uc -us and use
  debsign -kkeyid foo_changes to sign the /final/ packages
  afterwards. I usually build the packages more than once before
  uploading as I often find some last-minute bug, and don't like to
  type in my gpg-passphrase more frequently than necessary.

          cu andreas

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