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Upload getting lost


I'm trying to upload a new mailman package, but this is failing
utterly. Could someone please help me? Thanks in advance.

I'm uploading the exact packages at
http://people.debian.org/~lmamane/mailman/ with "dput" to the
anonymous queue on ftp-master. The upload goes well, I see them if I
ftp in at ftp-master, and they disappear after the next debianqueud
run. So far, so good. But normally, when a package disappears from the
anonymous upload queue, I get an email about it, and it appears on
http://incoming.debian.org . Not this time, I get nothing. The upload
seems to just vanish. I've tried uploading again, no result.

Could someone with a better understanding than me (or an access to the
logs) check this out, please? This upload fixes a bug of severity
critical (and also a security problem), so it is quite urgent /

Any clue?


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