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Re: The problem with killfiles, and other musings [Was: Re: removal of svenl from the project]


I was going to make a large answer where i was going to denouse the
inexactitudes and false claims of this clearly inflamatory mail, but i will
refrain from doing so.

I wonder if Steve, and others of the 'esteemed' DDs, is following his own
advice, and rereading the mails he writes, and if so, why did he need to add
such a great amount of ad-hominem attacks again, and what was the added value
it did bring to his point.

As a vote for adding kill-files, i believe that i should have kill-filled
jonas and manoj and a few others, it would have done me good, and made the
infuriating nature of some of their mails much less. I even /ignore'd jonas on
some occasions on irc, but i believe(d) (maybe in error) that there is no
reasonable way to work together with killfilling or /ignore'ing key persons of
the problem you are investigating.

Another point, i think that this issue which affected me could much betters
have been solved by communicating about this internally, and not of the
one-sided-lesson-giving kind that seems so usual in these cases, but this
didn't happen.

Anyway, Steve, please try to live up to your own standard, and cut the
ad-hominem attacks out in the future. 


Sven Luther

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