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Re: removal of svenl from the project

On 17/03/2006 Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> pe, 2006-03-17 kello 14:46 +1100, Brian May kirjoitti:
> > Would the next step be to ban Sven from participating in our public
> > mailing lists?
> With the understanding that we're now not talking about Sven Luther but
> a hypothetical highly abusive person, I wish to ask Brian the following
> question: do you think there are any circumstances under which Debian
> should be able to ban people from participating in our public mailing
> lists?

even though i'm not asked here, my opinion is that this shouldn't be
possible. there are killfiles and other great ways to ignore individuals
that you don't want to know anything about.

but when you start to expel, ban or otherwise censor people in an open
project, where would you draw the border?

it has been said hundreds of times, but i cannot resist: even
destructive manner has constructive effects. and it always has a reason.
cleaning (even virtual) societies from destructive participants doesn't
solve problems, at best it hides them.

sure, tolerance is not about tolerating intolerance, and i don't think
that problematic/insulting/destructive/discriminating/... individuals
should be ignored, but it cannot be as easy as simply banning them from
our 'brave world'.

in the long term, expulsions make debian sick. the more expulsions
happen, the more new expulsion requests will be made. and sometime
everybodys 'moral limit' will be reached.

[persiflage: in the end, only disciplined fascists will be left in debian]


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