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removal of svenl from the project


I am going through the expulsion process to have Sven Luther removed
from the project.  The process is outlined here:
and I have already completed step 1.

Step #2 requires the support of some 15 developers.  I am attempting to
find people that are interested in publically seconding my explusion
request.  If you are interested, please email me.  Remember that your
request will be public, and you will have to provide reasons why you
feel that his removal will benefit the project.  I'm looking both for
people who have had conflicts w/ him (logs are always good, too), as
well as people who have just seen the effects of his actions (ie,
unbiased opinions).

Sven has always been a nuisance to deal w/, but up until now I have not
considered this action.  In the past two weeks, the following comments
made by him have changed my mind:

<svenl> jonas: i hope we never again meet in public, because i promise i
will hit you if i do.

svenl> vorlon: so, you think it is correct of jonas to mention
traveller and thanking him for investigating the issue, while fully
ignoring my own contribution ?
<-- vorlon (~vorlon@dsl093-039-086.pdx1.dsl.speakeasy.net) has left
<svenl> yeah, coward.

Sven's behavior has always been combative (and some might argue
hostile), but this is beyond what is acceptable.  He threatens bodily
harm upon another developer in a public forum, and then a week later
publically insults/taunts a developer (one of the Release Managers,
even), behind his back.  This is incredibly childish, aggressive
behavior, and should not be tolerated within the project (IMO).

Some might argue that we should just kick him from the channel and
remove his commit access to the debian-kernel project, but that does not
solve the problem of him abusing other teams, as well as his abusive
mailing list posts.  He also {co-,}maintains some 47 packages, which
means users for those packages will have to deal w/ him as well.  I
believe it is better if he is removed from the project altogether, as he
damages it more than he helps.

So, if you are interested in seconding the expulsion request, please let
me know.  Please do not turn this into a flamewar; I don't care about
your reasons why people should not be forcefully removed from the
project.  Those who feel this way probably have not had to work w/ Sven
on a team for the past 2 years.

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