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Re: Regarding the NEW queue

Micah Anderson <micah@riseup.net> writes:

> In the interests of transparancy, openness, keeping people from
> emailing debian-devel instead of ftpmaster@... why not make the
> published contact address for ftpmaster be a publically viewable
> archive? It doesn't have to be a list that everyone can subscribe to
> and give their individual nit-pick comments about everything that is
> sent there, just make the email viewable.
> Some people email -devel because they think maybe their email to
> ftpmaster@ was never received, if they can verify it has been by
> themselves, this would be a good thing. My guess is that people dont
> think that mailing ftpmaster@ helps because it feels like a blackhole.
> If the darkness was illuminated then people could see that ftpmaster@
> does try really hard to respond to things, and that your message that
> you sent there did arrive...
> Perhaps there is a concern about privacy for some reason, but I am
> sure issues involving privacy can be handled with care outside of a
> public archived list.
> Micah

We have a BTS for this sort of things. Everyone can file bugs and
ftp-master can comment during the process and even close the report
when the issue is resolved.

That sounds almost perfect. Why not encourage the use of it for
ftp-master problems?


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