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Re: removal of svenl from the project

Adeodato Simó wrote:
>   I've never worked closely with Sven Luther, but I've lurked in some
>   teams he's member of, so if my capability as an observer is worth
>   something to you, you may be interested in this if you're unfamiliar
>   with Svenl.

I've led a team that Sven was involved in and I agree with your
observations completly.

For what it's worth, Sven is one of the two people I have ever had to
consider kicking out of d-i (the other left on his own accord), and he
is the only Debian developer (and indeed, the only person) whom I have
ever killfiled[1]. My stress levels have been quite a bit better since I
began systemtically ignoring him some months ago. I feel that I've been
a bit remiss in not addressing the problems he occasionally causes to
d-i though.

I am unsure if I support his expulsion from Debian, because I feel that
the ill will within the project engendered by such a process can only be
harmful to Debian as well, and it's very hard to weigh the two harms
against each other. I am very sure that I would be happier not to be
involved in any team that he is involved in, to the extent of not
joining such a team if possible.

see shy jo

[1] I tend to follow the killfile-less process described here for most
    other problimatic people; it does not work for threads involving Sven.

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