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Re: removal of svenl from the project

On Wed, Mar 15, 2006 at 02:26:09PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> Adeodato Simó wrote:
> >   I've never worked closely with Sven Luther, but I've lurked in some
> >   teams he's member of, so if my capability as an observer is worth
> >   something to you, you may be interested in this if you're unfamiliar
> >   with Svenl.
> I've led a team that Sven was involved in and I agree with your
> observations completly.
> For what it's worth, Sven is one of the two people I have ever had to
> consider kicking out of d-i (the other left on his own accord), and he
> is the only Debian developer (and indeed, the only person) whom I have
> ever killfiled[1]. My stress levels have been quite a bit better since I
> began systemtically ignoring him some months ago. I feel that I've been
> a bit remiss in not addressing the problems he occasionally causes to
> d-i though.

Notice that i left almost if not all debian-boot involvement some time ago
because of that, and that the problems you mention where mostly caused by
Frans commenting on things i said on debian-kernel, and not really directed at
him, and he taked offense.

Notice also that i am still expecting excuses on how you threated me in april
last year, when i almost was brought to leave the project due to the abuse i
got at the time, but i really am not expecting them anymore. Ever since i have
questioned my involvement in debian, and after 8 years of participation, i
have to say that issues got worse and worse the last year since a few of you
guys used me as scapegoat to vent all their frustration on the delayed sarge

So, i don't expect anything better from you, or manoj, or jonas. I notice
thought that i have worked fine with Frans in extremadura, and haven't really
caused any kind of trouble to the debian-boot team you mention since some
month now.

I did raise a few technical issues that are of the responsability of the
debian-boot team to solve with regard to the kernel issue, but upto now
nothing has happened there, and i fear that with me left, they may simply be
forgotten, altough i hope someone else will take them over.


Sven Luther

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