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Re: removal of svenl from the project

#include <hallo.h>
* Andres Salomon [Tue, Mar 14 2006, 09:01:09PM]:

> harm upon another developer in a public forum, and then a week later
> publically insults/taunts a developer (one of the Release Managers,
> even), behind his back.  This is incredibly childish, aggressive
> behavior, and should not be tolerated within the project (IMO).

He were slandering somebody and others were listening/reading without
telling him that the behaviour is impolite? Well, then maybe it shows us
all (or at least the readers) in a bad light.

Even then, you have to deal with such offence in a more contructive way,
definitely not by stupid expulsion process. Heck, even our current DPL
may not be there if I would have acted like you few years ago (I did
not forget comments like "Ah, Eduard Bloch joined the club of
debian-legal experts, hahaha" and similar stupid rants found in IRC logs
but, hey, people can change, and people can learn, and kicking someone
out without giving at least one second chance is equally childish). And
if I would have acted like a hot potato, I would have gone the path of
Adrian Bunk at the time.


Auf ähnlichem Niveau bewegen sich die Gehältern von Webdesignern, die
ebenfalls zu den Verlierern unter den *Informatikern* zählen.
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