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Re: For those who care about the GR

On Sun, Jan 22, 2006 at 03:42:39PM -0800, Steve Langasek wrote:

> >         And what? If someone tries to bring through a GR stating that
> >  MS office warez can be distributed in main since it meets the DFSG,
> >  one might rule that as frivolous and a waste of time.
> I'm not convinced the constitution gives the secretary the power to make
> such a ruling.  There are no provisions in the constitution for the Project
> Secretary to dismiss a GR -- *even* a GR stating that the Debian Project
> holds the value of pi to be 3 -- so long as the GR has the requisite number
> of seconds.

I suspect the Secretary could effectively do so by declining to take the
vote under Section 2.1.1 ("[n]othing in this constitution imposes an
obligation on anyone to do work for the Project.") It seems then that
the secretary has no obligation to actually perform 4.2.3 or 7.1.1.

> In the present case, I understand that the proposed ballot option is
> ambiguous wrt whether it constitutes an implicit amendment to the foundation
> docs, and that in the absence of clarification (in the form of a re-worded
> proposal) on the part of the proposer, it is the project secretary's
> prerogative to specify a supermajority requirement.

I think that under 7.1.3, it'd be the Secretary's job/power to determine
supermajority requirement regardless of what the proposed ballot option

If 6 developers (K=5 currently, I think) can decide that the
supermajority requirements to not apply to a ballot option, then the
supermajority requirements are rather worthless.

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