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Re: For those who care about their packages in Ubuntu

On Fri, Jan 20, 2006 at 07:08:38PM +1100, Matthew Palmer wrote:
> I keep hearing this, but I really don't believe it.  In Debian, "Maintainer"
> means "An individual or group of people primarily responsible for the
> on-going well being of a package".  As I understand it, in Ubuntu, the MOTUs
> have responsibility for all of the packages in Universe.

In practice, it doesn't work out to mean the same thing, however.  Most of
the packages in universe are maintained only by the Debian maintainer, and
propagated unmodified into Ubuntu.  It is only when there is a specific
motive to change the package in Ubuntu that anyone on that team will touch

By way of example, the Debian maintainer is equipped to answer questions
like "why is the package set up this way?", "what are your plans for it?",
etc., while the MOTU team are not.

 - mdz

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