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Re: The klik project and Debian

Le Jeudi 19 Janvier 2006 08:48, Peter Samuelson a écrit :
> For those following along at home, it seems klik is some sort of
> gateway to install Debian packages on various non-Debian distributions.
> I imagine it's an ftp frontend to alien.

In fact, it is a scripted version of apt that can install package in a temp 
The aim of it is to allow normal user to install app without write acess 
to /usr etc..

One application for it is to test a beta release without the need to have it 
definitly installed.

My own feeling about it is that the author is not very honnest with the debian 
packaging work.
No where in his web page is written that in fact klik is a refactoring of 
actual debian packages. Instead, it is at least implcitly told that it's all 
the author's work... I feel it as being not honnest so I don't see why I 
should really care..

> Do they solve any of these problems better than Debian does?  Would
> Debian users derive any value from klik?  How?

Hum... It allows non permanent installation which can be seen as good thing, 
but, even if I'm not deeply aware of it, I can imagine that it needs to 
install libraries and other things, and has the risk of puting a real mess in 
your system...
Furthermore, the instalation script is not documented, and I had to go through 
the source to know what it was doing..

> If not, I fail to see why Debian should care.  We've got enough to
> worry about just making packages suitable for Debian - why go out of
> our way to help people who refuse to use Debian?

And to people who refuse to mention their use of debian's work...

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