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Re: The klik project and Debian

On Thursday 19 January 2006 09:57, Romain Beauxis wrote:
> My own feeling about it is that the author is not very honnest with the
> debian packaging work.
From klik.atekon.de: "Thanks to debian for the software compilation and 

> Hum... It allows non permanent installation which can be seen as good
> thing, but, even if I'm not deeply aware of it, I can imagine that it needs
> to install libraries and other things, and has the risk of puting a real
> mess in your system...
> Furthermore, the instalation script is not documented, and I had to go
> through the source to know what it was doing..
IIRC it creates some kind of chroot.

> > If not, I fail to see why Debian should care.  We've got enough to
> > worry about just making packages suitable for Debian - why go out of
> > our way to help people who refuse to use Debian?
> And to people who refuse to mention their use of debian's work...
See above

> Romain

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