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Re: The klik project and Debian

> There seems to be a fairly good amount of Debian Sarge packages
> available via http://klik.atekon.de/.

You know, I almost didn't bother to visit the web site, since you're
unwilling to even sign your name to your message, and you didn't say
anything about what klik is or why we should care.  I was bored,

For those following along at home, it seems klik is some sort of
gateway to install Debian packages on various non-Debian distributions.
I imagine it's an ftp frontend to alien.

> The klik way of obtaining packages seems to have solved many other
> problems related to package management as well, so this is something
> Debian developers should study carefully.

Do they solve any of these problems better than Debian does?  Would
Debian users derive any value from klik?  How?

If not, I fail to see why Debian should care.  We've got enough to
worry about just making packages suitable for Debian - why go out of
our way to help people who refuse to use Debian?


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