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Re: For those who care about their packages in Ubuntu

Joey Hess wrote:
> FYI, I refuse to allow the fact that my code happens to be present in 
> a currently perceived as high profile distribution to hold my time
> hostage. I've never done it before with other high profile distributions
> (Corel's mangling of alien comes to mind), and I won't start now. The
> correct action in these circumstances is a sufficiently evolved
> killfile.
> Please consider ALL code written/maintained by me that is present in
> Ubuntu and is not bit-identical to code/binaries in Debian to be not
> suitable for release with my name on it.

FWIW, the "with my name on it" was the least significant bit of the
above message although it seems to be the only bit anyone paid attention
to. I have killfiles; I cannot stop people from releasing software with
my name on it; it's not a big deal. But don't expect me to do your QA or
maintenance for you if you do so. The parent message was an attempt to
get Debian developers to take on that responsibility for software
outside Debian, and this Debian developer will not do that.

see shy jo

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