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Re: Dissection of an Ubuntu PR message

Quoting Matt Zimmerman (mdz@ubuntu.com):

> I don't intend to participate in this type of email argument with you; I've
> yet to see it pay off for anyone involved.  However, I will be in London
> later this month and would be willing to use that opportunity to civilly
> discuss your concerns face-to-face.

Which is probably what is missing a lot in such controversial issues:
email has always proven to be the worst communication media ever for
controversial discussions.

...which mostly explains why I refrained my self to participate in
these threads while my feeling is quite widely shared with Frans Pop's

/me...who expects tons of Ubuntu/Debian discussions at Solutions Linux
in Paris (Jan 31-Feb 2) with both fellow French developers,
users...and Ubuntu users as well. No chance that people from Canonical
show up over there? I can even host (Perrier's bed and breakfast,
including cheese)...:)

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