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Re: Need for launchpad

[Stephan Hermann]
> Oh, I never signed an NDA, so I've never seen the code, actually I'm
> not interested in the code, because if I have a problem with the
> result, I can file bugs against this products, or bug the maintainers
> of the code in their present irc channel :)

It is clear that you do not understand how most Debian developers
think.  If we all thought free-as-in-beer was sufficient, we wouldn't
be here.

It's a line straight from classic proprietary software apologetics: "I
don't care about the source because the vendor is so great at listening
to their customers and fixing their bugs."  A variation is "I don't
care about the source because even though the vendor doesn't always fix
my bugs, *this* software is still better than *that* software."  (Often
said of Opera.)  Neither line carries much weight in Debian
development: we *don't* trust vendors to always come through for us
when we have problems, and we *don't* like living with bugs or
limitations we could just as well fix, even if they're in a tool which
is, on balance, better than the alternatives.

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