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Re: How to Increase Contributions from Volunteers

* Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> [2006-01-03 22:30:09]:
> >> They are right: most probably they will find it easier to make
> >> contributions to other projects.
> > we need to promote the easy entry points to contributing to debian
> > more prominently and should hide the "how to become a DD" in
> > comparison.
>         What on earth for?

are you asking or do you want to argue a point?

if you are asking: people who want to help/contribute seem to be
turned away by the burecratic nature of the NM process with it's
long waiting periodes. People who want to contribute without that
process need to find a way to do that easily and effectively,
without spending too much time to find where they can do that.

> > we should leave that option for the ones that want to contribute
> > above average.
>         We are trying to build the best distribution of linux on the
>  planet, not the so-so ditribution created by the most number of
>  people.  Why do you think that an excellent direbution can come by
>  with contribution of people who are, in your own words, below
>  average? 

Manoj, i think you are trying to polarize the discussion. Please
try not to do that. it does not help to reach a good conclusion.

Please realize that there is a difference between people who want
to *contribute* above average and *people* below average.

One such difference could be technical excellent people who want
to help without spending time on packaging issues (as NM in its
current form often does) but rather on their field of excellence,
which could be coding or graphical design or in the legal area.

Other, merely average people could be willing to do the boring
donkey work of coding, graphical design or legal stuff, unloading
those few geniuses we have. If done properly, even the ones BELOW
average could contribute, be happy and feel appreciate. Luckily
that is possible today already. We dont just need to utilize the
elite for all purposes.

They all could help quicker and more directly if they could be
routed to the places where they are needed *just now* without a
detour over NM. Their help would contribute to making debian the
best distribution. 

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